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Sri Lanka Civil War

Sri Lanka is a country which is located close to Tamil Nadu, India. There are two categories of people living in Sri Lanka one is Tamil speaking people and the other one is Sinhalese speaking people. People who speak Tamil are from Tamil Nadu who are settled in Sri Lanka long back. Tamil people live in the Northwest, Northeast and North areas of Sri Lanka.Sri Lankan people living in the remaining 75% of the country.


Till 1970 both Sri Lankan people and Tamil people have equal rights. After 1970 rules have been changed, The New government changed the policies, two new policies were introduced they are:40% of the university seats are reserved for the local people. As Sri Lankan people were more in their country most of the seats were given to them, because of this policy to get a seat in university Tamil people have to secure more marks than Sri Lankan people. Even the second policy is discriminating  Tamil people, only 10% of the government jobs are given to Tamil people. Because of these two policies Tamil people were frustrated, even their citizenship is canceled and were sent back. Because of this discrimination ministers from Tamil areas of Sri Lanka have resigned.

The different political parties from Tamil areas are united and formed "TAMIL UNITED LIBERATION FRONT(TULF)".These TULF leaders promised people that if they win in elections they will give autonomous power to Tamil areas. Some people asked that they don't want any autonomous power, they asked for a separate country for Tamil speaking people. These people formed an organization and named it as"LIBERATION TIGERS OF TAMIL EELAM(LTTE)",This organization was lead by PRABHAKARAN .All the people who joined in this organization want to take revenge against sri lankan government.


In 1977 elections were conducted, In Tamil areas TULF won but in remaining areas it lost. As there is no majority it lost in elections and Tamil political leaders were failed to fulfill their promises. As TULF failed, LTTE head Prabhakaran started protesting for a separate country for Tamil people, he chose violence over peace. He wanted all the Tamil areas as separate country named as TAMIL EELAM. Sri Lankan police started killing people who are protesting for a separate country, by seeing this LTTE people also started killing police men. Tamil people who were arrested were killed brutally in jail. As so many Tamil people were being murdered, the Indian government responded and supported LTTE, With the help of Indian army government-supplied weapons and has given training to LTTE soldiers. In 1983, 53 LTTE protesters were murdered in jail, by seeing this incident whole Tamil Nadu was shocked. Tamil Nadu chief minister MGR protested by wearing a black shirt and requested the prime minister Indira Gandhi to support LTTE in the formation of Tamil Ellem and she supported. Unfortunately in 1984 Indira Gandhi was shot dead.

Prabhakaran was dedicated to his protest and he imported weapons from foreign countries and he also formed separate radio stations,TV channels and Newspapers that support Tamil people. Sri Lankan government tried to have a meeting with Prabhakaran, but he refused it and he said that his only aim to form a separate country for Tamil people. So, the Sri Lankan army started to fight against the LTTE army. So many soldiers from both sides are dying. Sri Lankan army started killing even innocent people. By seeing all this Rajeev Gandhi started supporting LTTE, and supplied weapons and the situation is getting even worse.

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So the Sri Lankan government had a meeting with the Indian government. In this meeting Sri Lanka mentioned that they are ready to help Tamil people other than giving a new country, also Sri Lanka requested India to take back the weapons that they have given to LTTE. Rajeev  Gandhi agreed to this agreement. Rajeev Gandhi sent the Indian army to Sri Lanka with a mission named "Indian Peace Keeping Force".LTTE refused to give back the weapons to Indian army. Prabhakaran is not satisfied with this agreement between India and Sri Lanka.

Prabhakaran said that after they surrender their weapons Sri Lankan army will kill all the Tamil people so he did not accept to give their weapons. So the Indian government also started searching for Prabhakaran. In this process so many Indian soldiers were dead. Prabhakaran started hating India and Rajeev Gandhi. Sri Lankan people did not like the involvement of the Indian army so the Sri Lankan government asked the Indian army to go back, but Rajeev Gandhi refused to go back. In 1989 elections were held in India. As there are so many corruption cases on Congress Party, Rajeev Gandhi lost in the elections.

VP Singh becomes the prime minister. He brought back the Peace Keeping Force from Sri Lanka. In 1991 the Indian government was collapsed due to some reasons, again elections were held in India. Prabhakaran came to know about this. He thought if Rajeev Gandhi wins, then he will send the Indian army again to Sri Lanka which he hates it. Many surveys stated that Rajeev Gandhi will win the elections. So he planned to murder him. He appointed 5 members as a team to murder Rajeev Gandhi. He appointed a lady named RAJARATNAM as lead to kill Rajeev. On October 21, 1991 Rajeev Gandhi started the election campaign in Tamil Nadu. Rajaratnam implanted an RDX bomb in her dress and attended the meeting.


Rajaratnam came near Rajeev Gandhi and welcomed him with a flower garland and she pressed the button. A huge explosion took place in Rajaratnam, Rajeev Gandhi with 14 others who were dead in that explosion. After the death of Rajeev Gandhi, India did not involve in the war between LTTE and Sri Lanka.


In 2005 Mahinda Rajapaksa became the president of Sri Lanka. He increased the budget of the Army and trained army well. He started attacking LTTE camps with air crafts. On May 19, 2009, the Sri Lankan army killed Prabhakaran. Finally this 27 years civil war is ended by the tough decisions taken by Mahinda Rajapaksha. And Sri Lanka is free from terrorism. Sri Lanka brought equal rights in their constitution. In this war 40,000 Innocent people,30,000 militants,20,000 Sri Lanka army and 1200 Indian army were dead.

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