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Advancement and future of artificial intelligence

artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is an advancement in technology which involves a preprogrammed machine to do human activities. First, it requires a human to program a device. It is in such a way that it exhibits, what the program needs. It reacts like a human to solve the given problem in a programmed way. Since AI has greater accuracy, the user can get what they need exactly. For example, the modern technology of AI has successfully crossed voice recognition activities, complex puzzle solving, situation analysis and sensing. In the future, artificial intelligence with great advancement is going to rule half of the human’s job, according to experts views.

AI is based on the principle that human intelligence can be defined in a way that a machine can easily mimic it and execute tasks.

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Artificial intelligence in present world

Artificial Intelligence has a great sense in the modern world. It likely involves in every field of our life. Even in education, it gives computerized learning to the students. It teaches students about complex math and improves the writing skill with its error correction analysis. The individual learning experience is greatly developed among students since it provides everything to them. In finance, artificial intelligence is involved in algorithm trading, Market analysis and data mining, Personal finance, Portfolio management, etc. The government also using it in assisting public interactions with government, Contributing to public policy objectives and so. In heavy industries, robots are maximumly used.

Some other fields are –

  • Hospitals and medicine
  • Job search,
  • Media and E-Commerce,
  • Media and E-Commerce,
  • Marketing,
  • Online and telephone customer service,
  • Music,
  • Sensors,
  • Telecommunications Maintenance,
  • Toy and Games, etc.
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Advancement in artificial intelligence

At first artificial intelligence was privileged only by big companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. They invested huge money over the best tech talents and obtained new innovations. but today any company can make use of it. Because of many open source software, AI is becoming affordable. Microsoft, Google, and some big companies are presently working on an AI type platform to provide machines. By this, any company can use a machine instead of labor. Machine with more data getting better than a vendor, so customers may replace it for their purpose. So that only now the competition is getting boosted.

knowledge representation

Though machines don’t have imagination, it has the ability of reasoning about the problem.

In this, artificial intelligence is used to obtain information about the problem. This information is given in the form by which the computer system can utilize to solve a complex task which the knowledge representation is based on how human solve a problem. It obtains the psychology that human thinks and represent knowledge in order to design formalism. And this will make a complex system easier to design and build.

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Future of artificial intelligence

In the future, there will be a vast change in technology which makes thing easier. Advanced level of automated transportation will be in practice. But we already seeing the beginning of self-driving car, but a driver is required for the safety. This technology isn’t perfect yet but in the future, the self-driving cars, with automated safety tricks, will be widespread in use. Fully automated buses and trains are also available in the future with public acceptance.

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Powerful examples of AI in use today 👇👇👇

Robots and machines are replacing the risky dangerous jobs done by humans. it is presently in practice only at a minimum level. In the future, many risky jobs like bomb diffusion, nuclear testing, working with radioactive material, toxics, intense heat, etc robots be replaced. The security system will be greatly developed and advanced drones are been introduced. It identifies the requirements of human about their healthcare and provides them health advice. hence it makes them think smarter in all ways. The future of artificial intelligence is likely predictable, but both the benefits and risk are involved in it.

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