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Why Cricket is not Played in Japan China USA

Cricket is the most common and widely played sport all around the world. Every person from his childhood till his death will listen to the world cricket, many of the children enjoy playing it.but some major countries don’t play cricket, and many of the people don’t know the reasons behind it now let’s look into it. Let’s see about Why Cricket is not Played in Japan, China, USA.

As far as the history is concerned British ruled almost all parts of the world and imparted their culture and tradition to the people surrounding them .britishers started entering all the countries under the mask of trading but some countries didn’t allow them.

cricket stumps
A general view of a cricket pitch and stumps are seen during a break in play of a cricket match

Britishers not only imparted their culture but they introduced a game called cricket, at present now it is most popular sport across the world .but the most popular countries which are also the supreme powers of the world, they have united states of America, Japan, China don’t play cricket.

To become an associate member of international cricket 

  • The country has to maintain at least 16 senior teams and 16 junior teams for competition 
  • The country should have 8 cricket grounds and in which 4 should be permanent pitch

But these are not the reasons for playing cricket in China, USA, and Japan

Let’s look into the reasons 

  1. Reasons for not playing cricket in united states of America

Although America is one of the colonies of the British and  British took all their lands and property .but Americans took their freedom back from the evil clutches of British and kicked them out of the country.

Americans took a step forward and took a decision that no British culture should be followed in their country.that is why they don’t play cricket in their country.

  1. Reasons for not playing cricket in Japan

Japan was not under any control and no one ever ruled their country so there is no introduction of cricket in Japan and moreover they don’t like to adopt other countries sport.

  1. Reasons for not playing cricket in China 

China is one of the famous countries for its patriotism .chinese people don’t allow others to get into their country even for trading, this is one of the drawbacks that is faced by British but somehow they managed to enter the country .britishers managed to trade in that country but they can’t fight with the Chinese patriotism.

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