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Courses after +2 / Intermediate

Course after +2

Many of the students are confused to choose what to do after 12th. Till tenth, we have single way after that e have 4 to 5 ways but after that, we have a hell lot of ways to enter into there might be a chance of choosing a wrong path that doesn’t suit you. By the end of the article, you will come to know what to choose the right Courses after 12th and where to study.

course after +2

In +2 or intermediate the two broad streams that major people choose are MPC and BIPC in which physics and chemistry are common there is the only difference in the core subject. And this is the first time we are writing an article about Education (Courses after 12th) and we hope to provide better content that is necessary for this article.

Let’s discuss one after the other 

Starting with MPC the ways that they can enter are –

  • The national defense which is 3 years plan, this is further classified into the navy, air force, army
  • B-arch which is the 5-year plan,
  • Bachelor of planning and designing which is a 5-year plan,
  • Technical entry in the Indian army which is a 3-year plan,
  • B.E which is a 4-year plan, this sector has a lot of Opportunites nowadays these people can go for I.E.S, merchant navy, M.E, MPSE.UPSE,defence direct entry,M.S,MBA,M.Tech
  • Bachelor of technology (trending nowadays) which is a 4-year plan, 
  • Direct second year engineering diploma which is a 2 year plan,
  • B.C.S/B.C.A/B.Sc which is 3 year plan ,this can be further taken into M.C.A,M.C.S,M.C.M,M.B.A
  • Film and television diploma which is 1-2 years plan,
  • Hotel management degree which is a 3-4 year plan 

Now let’s discuss the opportunities for the students in BIPC 

theme of life

This is not less to MPC there are a hell lot of opportunities in it.

Courses after +2 BIPC

  • B.A.M.S which is the 4.5-year plan
  • B.H.M.S which is a 4.5-year plan
  • B.V.Sc which is a 5-year plan
  • B.D.S which is a 4-year plan and it further can be continued to M.D.S which is a 2-year plan
  • M.B.B.S which is a 4.5-year plan and it can be further can be continued with M.D for 3 years/special diploma of 2 years/M.S of 2 years
  • Pharmaceutical courses which are 3.5-4.5 year plan
  • B.Sc nursing which is 4-5 year plan
  • Diploma in nursing which is a 2-year plan
  • B.M.L.T which is of 3 years plan
  • B.Sc home science for 3 years

 Now let’s discuss the future who completed this +2 in arts

Courses after +2 Arts

  • D. Ed of 2-year course and then they can opt for teacher profession 
  • B.S.W OF 3 years an can further continue to M.S.W of 2 years
  • L.L.B for 5 years and can be further continued to D.T.L for 1 year/L.L.M for 2 years/D.L.L for 1 year
  • Fashion designing diploma which is a 3-year plan
  • Interior designing diploma which is a 2-year plan
  • B.A for 3 years ( it has a lot of further scopes)
  • B.B.A for 3 years and it can be further continued with M.B.A of 2 years
  • Foreign language diploma 
  • Call center diploma
  • B.The arch which is a 5-year plan

And that’s it, guys, if you need and guidance what to choose the right courses after 12th. Please comment below we are there for you.plan the future according to your goal and reach the goal as soon as possible.

All the best for your future.

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