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How to become a Professional Photographer

To capture a great photo people think that they need a good flagship photo like pixel 3, added lens and other accessories but you know what a few basic rules can help you to capture great photos with the ordinary mobile you has. Let’s see How to become a Professional Photographer.

These are some guidelines that helped me to become a low-quality photographer to professional. People do not need a high-quality mobile to have great pics, let’s go with mid-range mobile 

Now the mantra begins by this you can get great shots 

Rule 1:

Rule of thirds

I am pretty sure that every one is aware of that what this rule says is very simple ,well every one is aware of the gridlines in your camera some people think that it is some sort of mesh and we disable those without knowing the importance of those well if you are one of those people then don’t worry you can enable those in your settings .

When the grid is turned on then you will find 4 intersections actually the rule of thirds says is the object should be placed in one of the 2 intersecting points so that you will find the pic more interesting attractions. The difference you can see this rule is to not only make the object focused but also the surroundings this make your shot great.

side mountains
mountain cycle

Some times you can break the rule if you are getting a great shot but the rule can be broken only if your master that isn’t it.

Rule 2: symmetry

To get another great rule to capture good photos, what u guessed it right, it’s symmetry.

Great photographers use this technique to capture pleasing photos, generally we see symmetry all everywhere in our surroundings .symmetry is nothing but the line that splits the object into 2 equal halves and both sides of the image are almost the mirror image. usually, people capture the photos like this but by knowing the rule we get this awesome shot.

beautiful walls
Taj mahal
beautiful photography

Rule 3: frame in the frame

Adding depth or context will give you lot of impact frame in the frame is nothing but capturing the shots using natural frames which give you depth and a vintage look to your shots.this not only make your photos look great but also interesting honestly, this is a handy trick to capture great photos.

taj mahal
taj mahal

Rule 4: the rule of odds 

Every photographer is familiar with the rule of thirds but do you know what is meant by the rule of odds? Well it is pretty simple and its actually pretty cool the rule of odds says that the number of objects in the shot should be odd in number this makes the viewer more fascinating and curious it is an awesome trick ,things look better with the odds the study says that people are more interested in looking at odd numbers.

Rule 5: use the light

One of the simple trick to capture some amazing shots is using the light it is very simple as it sounds all you need to do is adjust the object in such a way that the filthy light falls on it and the pic looks more realistic. Generally what peopled is they take pics with harsh lighting and with low lighting.

You just use the light to look at your shot more artistic and pleasing to the viewers.

Rule 6: change your perspective

This is a rule where you need to think a little and use your creativity. don’t capture the photos as usual find some creativity in it like taking a pic under the water, making different angles so that the viewers are more fascinated about it. 

Rule 7: the google camera mod 

This is a very awesome feature that can be used any android mobile some times google camera messes up with the contrast but it is very rare the shots that are taken by google camera are very dynamic and very beautiful with more punchy colors by following all the above rules one can get awesome pics ever.

google camera
redmi note 4

Note :

1.clean the lens with a soft cloth

2.use optical zoom not digital so that your pic will not be pix elated

3. does not shake the mobile while taking the photos

4. As I always say you can break any of the above rules if you are going to get awesome pics, break the rules once you master those.

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