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Samsung Vertical TV

samsung vertical TV

Samsung, It is leading the race by introducing vertical tv and in India for millennials of the 21st century. This company that’s one amongst the world’s largest producers of electronic devices.

Samsung Vertical TV in 2019:

This Gaint Company focuses on the assembly of a good kind of shopper and trade natural philosophy, together with appliances, digital media devices, semiconductors, memory chips, and integrated systems.

Above all, there’s some merit to Samsung’s idea, but the Sero TV also costs $1,623, which isn’t especially millennial-friendly.

Although, This sero can be transformed into a mobile style (vertical screen). Then, this Gaint company says that it is designed to content from a smartphone. Future will be full of this screen!!!

samsung vertical TV

Samsung for Millennials

If you are still not ok that millennials, for better or worse, are dictating our tech choices. The latest product announcement from Samsung might change your mind.

Above all, the South Korean technical giant on Monday unveiled the “sero”, a 43 -inch Samsung Vertical TV that the company fells will be perfect for millennials to consume mobile videos and It is gonna release in May in India. This device pivots between horizontal and vertical orientations. Allowing users to consume vertical portrait mode videos in full screen, rather than having to endure the unseemly black bars on traditional televisions.

Price and Specs:

In Addition, the device comes with a 43-inch QLED screen and 4.1 channel 60-watt speakers. It will be videos in full screen, rather than having to endure the unseemly black bars on traditional available in South Korea. Therefore, by the end of next month for 1.89 million (around 1.12lakh INR).

But the company also calls this new TV a concept. Its efforts will surely include close monitoring of consumer feedback to the entire premise.

However, Will millennials consider the expanded flexibility? Therefore, They feel subtly attacked for the Sero exposing the intensity of their smartphone addiction.

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